Winter Dog Walking

Bully breads like the boxer are very sensative to the cold

Getting the most out of a walk in around town in winter takes a little bit more effort than warm weather romps to make it enjoyable for you and your furry friend. Wear weather-appropriate outerwear not just for the immediate moment, but based on the weather forecast. take a small flashlight for afternoon walks as the sun drops at around 4:45 PM. For dogs who are young, old, short-haired or not so active  Рa winter jacket is a worthwhile investment. We are partial to Chilly dog brand for comfort and function. If there is a lot of salt where you walk (and because most dogs hate booties) apply a paw wax like Musher Secret to add a layer of protection. When street conditions are slippery then use a solid leash and leave the zip line leash at home. If your dog pulls on leash then attach a front-control harness to prevent you from losing balance.  When you return home rinse salt off paws and between toes using warm water. If their coat is wet then a vigorous rub down with a towel will be a nice touch.