Why Outdoor Experiences are so Important to Canines

outdoorA dogs body is designed to expect what the outdoors provides. A rich and diverse range of climate, conditions, aromas and tactile experiences that cannot be found indoors. As a result of lack of sensation and experience dogs play very differently indoors than outside. Indoors they are not as stimulated and so play can be more static – somewhat stifled. Indoor play and outdoor concrete & patio stone backyards are sterile play environments and provide no stimulation whatsoever.

A primary sense for canines is their sense of smell with hundreds  of nerve endings in their nose. The  outdoors provides a rich diversity of aromas of field, forest and beach:  trees;  wildlife;  grass;  soil;  plants; farm yard animals; fresh cut hay; the lake; sandy beaches; the forest floor; and whatever the breeze sends their way…

In addition to smell,  is tactile experiences . The warmth of sunlight,  the feel of rain upon their back, the cool shade of a tree ,  the texture of rock to climb and perch upon, the feel of grass or soil under paw. Sticks, a tunnel to scratch at, a bubbling brook to walk through, the texture and smell of pine needles on a forest floor. No indoor environment or concrete backyard offers the rich diversity of tactile experiences that satisfies a dogs senses like the great outdoors.

And Grass and other natural surfaces are much cooler in summer and  warmer in winter. Grass is substantially cooler (or warmer) than any concrete or asphalt surface. It is comfortable on paws and provides excellent traction to run and play. And dogs love the feel of the grass, sand or soil beneath their paws. Natural surfaces like grass is like outdoor carpeting  – only teaming with life – insects and odours . And grass is a rich source of Chlorophyl which is natures antiseptic to aide digestive systems.