Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about their happy campers 

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for Joy – we all find him listening better and paying attention. Thanks again, We plan to bring him over to the camp once in a while to shape up.”
Olga & Family

“Camp Canine gives me the peace of mind as a dog owner – at the end of a long work day, I know that when I pick up my pups they are exercised, fed and happy. In the 4 years that I have brought my dogs to Camp Canine I have always been pleased. I think that Hutch and Trixie would second that. ”
Nicki G., Guelph, Ontario

“Ryley & Zoe always have a great time at Camp Canine. And it makes me feel better knowing they’re with you and other campers. They sleep for days after spending time at your camp. ”
Alison C., Burlington, Ontario

“Camp Canine is a fabulous facility. Our dogs came home happier, healthier and better behaved than before we we dropped them off.”
Jill M, Guelph

“I felt so good knowing my two “boys” (Radar & Ryley) were in such good hands. And because of the behaviour work done by Annalore, it was a big bonus that they are no longer aggressive towards one another at meal times.”
Darlene M, Toronto, Ontario

“… I was really impressed with the Boyd family’s attention to both my dogs unique personalities. By the second stay they had Ellie and Houston figured out”
J McKenna, Halton Hills

“Knowing that Mya was happy & comfortable made it easier for us to enjoy our vacation”
Kim W., Cambridge

“The minute I turn down the Camp Canine driveway, my pup Beti sits up alert with her tail wagging full of anticipation. She bounces out of the car and leads me right to the doggie drop off door-tail still wagging where we are met by Annalore or Dean and she usually gives them a couple of kisses hello. While Beti is at camp, she runs and plays many games with her other dog buddies and the Camp Canine staff. She has been attending Camp Canine day camp program since she was a wee six month old pup and thanks to the camp, Beti has been properly socialized. When I pick Beti up after work, she is tired from a lovely, fun-filled day. I have tried other dog day care facilities but none compare to the warmth, kennel free, spacious atmosphere that Camp Canine provides. I go to work each day worry free because I know my dog is running and playing at camp and getting what she needs. . And, the price for day camp is reasonable for what Beti gets in return. The best part of Camp Canine is the staff – they genuinely care about Beti – and they are always full of great Beti stories. You just can’t beat that personalized touch!”
Sarah, Guelph

“I am a nervous dog owner who worries when away from my pet. But, when I drop off Sammi at Camp Canine. I feel so relaxed knowing she’s in good hands, safe, well taken care of – as evidenced by her relaxed, and not the least bit anxious behaviour when I pick her up.”
Sherri R., Milton


Here’s what a few of our four-legged campers have to say…

“As you know I am a very spoiled Boston Terrier who recently attended Camp Canine. This was my first time away from mum & dad but you sure made me feel at home. Another first for me was having new playmates to run and play with, get lots of exercise and come home feeling healthy. Can I come back soon? Woof woof.”
Hogan (and Deb V.) of Milton


“When my owners are too busy to take me to Camp Canine. I chew their shoes!”
Dargo, Weimeraner, Milton

“I’m the nervous type. The people here are patient and allow me the time I need to warm up and interact when I am ready to do so.”
Jade, Lab cross, Puslinch

“I don’t like to go back home. I refuse to go home – leave me here at Camp Canine !”
Laddie, Westie, Burlington

“I’m disappointed that I am not permitted to mount other dogs. The attendants do provide me with other stimulating fun. But if only they would just look the other way once in a while ! ”
Chandler, Yellow Lab, Oakville

“I like that all the overnight guests are tired and sleep soundly – because I’m old and I need my beauty sleep.”
Lucky, Basset Hound, Guleph

“I’ve lost 18 lbs, I’m more buff and I now have greater stamina. Plus I’ve learned to be more gentle in my play manner.”
Trinity, 3-legged Doberman, Milton