Springtime Cautions for Dogs

Snow thawing reveals various unwanted edible things which many dogs are attracted to. So in some cases vomit and/or diarrhea can be attributed to such. Round worm is prevalent year round and more so in warm weather and so inspect your dogs feces after each movement. Look for small white spots which can be round worm eggs, and which turn to dashes as they grow. Grown Round Worms are translucent and almost look like spaghetti.  Warm weather also brings tics & fleas and owners of dogs with long coats should inspect their dog after a walk in a field or forest. Everyone should make certain they keep up on heartguard programs which most also includes tics & flea mgmt. If you are using the swipe on nape of neck variety of heart guard then its best to do it late at night so other animals wont lick it – its quite toxic when ingested by mouth. Some dogs like duck, geese poop. raccoon and coyote scat  -which are not well digested and carry unwanteds. Diligent monitoring of what your dog has access to (whether in your backyard or in public parks) is a good way to help prevent sickness and digestion upsets.  So get out there, but play it safe !