Dog Park Safety & Etiquette

Social etiquette is a must when using dog parks for exercise and social time. Its a privilege that involves responsibilities and cautions in order to ensure a fun time is had by all in attendance. . You cannot control which dog breeds will attend nor can you determine temperament. But you can practice responsible ownership of your dog and by staying alert and attentive you can predict potential problems and act to minimize unwanted occurrences. Here are some tips that can help you have a positive experience:


If you own a large dog or a dominant breed then keep your dog under your call and control and don’t allow their play to be overwhelming or intimidating to the others. Pinning, knocking over, mounting and nipping are all anti-social and dominant behaviour and need to be stopped.

Wrestle type play is typical for puppies through to 18 mths. “Boxing” (batting with paws), jumping up on each other, short period pinning, chewing on collars and ears is part of that play. And as long as each dog is on top about half the time then all is well. When the growling intensifies or the chewing is too aggressive bring a stop to that by calling them off and redirecting their focus.