Dog Friendly Holiday Celebrations

While busy with all the preparations and hosting family and friends, remember to take a moment to make sure its a positive and safe experience for your beloved dog. Poinsettas, Holly and Mistletoe are plants that are toxic to dogs. Chocolate and sugary foods wreak havoc on canine intestines. Most of the holidays rich foods are a temptation to dogs but are most likely to cause diarrhea if consumes by your dog. Tinsel, and bulbs are a danger if ingested. New people, loud music and busy activities can be overstimulating for many dogs and cause them to act out. Better to put them in a quiet area of the house or with a next door neighbour than to expose them to such energy. Dogs dont need to be excited – they can get that way all by themselves just being around celebrations. If you must have your dog amid the hustle & bustle then make sure they act social. Dont leave them alone with young children. Put leftovers away and up high in kitchen. Dont leave left over turkey bones and food waste in garbage pails your dog can access. Put presents under the tree at bedtime.  Provide lots of alternatives like a new chew bone or toy.  And give them snacks you want them to have to lower appetite. Think through all the potential hazards. If the variables are just too great then maybe the best plan is to have your dog boarded or cared by someone away from your home. Your dog wont remember missing out, but she will remember a visit to the vet and you wont forget that it might have been something you were able to prevent!