Dog Day Care

Furry Friends, Fun & Fitness – Weekday Dog Day Care  (See Rates Below)

Here at Camp Canine, our dog day care program is the real deal ! Most every dog, craves and loves playing with other friendly dogs. So that’s exactly what we let them do (supervised by our dog trainers).  Our dog day care program rate includes our canine life skills training. Where we diligently, yet gently guide each and every guest to read cues, learn to play socially appropriate with various aged dogs & breeds, and build impulse control and recall. It’s where a timid or shy dog can build confidence and flourish. And an overzealous, high-spirited dog learns to soften their play style and social manner. This way, a fun time is had by all guests.

The positive interaction, intellectual stimulation and exercise that comes from correct socializing, undoubtedly serves a dogs’ well being. And as our clients have reported, their dog is day-care“Better for having been here”. When you come pick up your pet, you can feel good knowing that your pal has enjoyed a full day of tail-wagging fun. We smile every time our day camp clients share with us that their dog ate dinner and then snored by their side for the remainder of the evening.  Here are a few ways many of our day campers (and owners) have benefited:

  • Improved social behaviour with dogs and humans
  • Increased fitness level
  • More stamina & strength
  • Transition to proportionate weight
  • Healthy appetite
  • Calm, stable, balanced energy
  • Less destructive at home
  • More obedient and responsive
  • Improved temperament & demeanor

Please note that ALL potential new guests must pass our behaviour assessment. Please visit our Requirements page for details under the Boarding tab. We require a minimum commitment of at least 1 day per week – see below.

Year Round Dog Day Care Rates & Commitment: In order to provide each guest a highly active,  safe and fun experience with a pack of mixed-breed dogs in free-range setting – we must have control !  In order to have control, we need to build a relationship (bond) with your dog so they respond to our cues. This takes time and accordingly we require that all new clients dogs must attend day care for at least one day per week on an ongoing basis. This affords us the frequency of impressions to work our magic.

How to proceed:

  • Please send us an email with the following information: your dogs name, breed (be specific/ include a picture if you have one), age, weight, if spayed or neutered, advise if any health issues, had since pup or adopted when? how often socialized with other dogs off leash? Any history of altercations with another dog? Any other information that is important to their health and happiness? and state you preferred daycare days.
  • We may then book a visit day with you where you bring your dog to meet us, and they stay for the day (adults pay $40, puppies pay $50)
  • We advise you of how it went and if positive you then choose to commit as follows:
    • Adult Dog, the first twelve (12) sessions are $40 per session – prepaid first day amount $480.00 + tax.
    • Puppies* are $50 per for the first twelve (12) sessions prepaid first day amount $600.00 + tax.

On the 13th visit you pay the Weekly Commitment Rate listed below based on the number of days per week you commit to. You may prepay by week or month as you prefer. Payment options are cash, cheque and EMT.

Daycare – Weekly Commitment* Rates:

1 to 2 days per week: $35/ day

3 to 4 days per week: $30/ day

5 days per week: $25/ day

HST will be applied to above rates

* Puppies pay an additional $10 per day to above amounts. Our surcharge includes our highly effective canine life skills training, lunch feeding, puppy training checklist, and our support in managing your puppies natural development to be healthy & happy.

*Rules to enjoy our Weekly Commitment Rate:

  • Commit to at least one day per week (same day(s) each week is helpful, but not required).
  • Cancel or change days with 24 hrs notice. (this allows us to offer your canceled day to another guest).
  • Your rate is based on your average # of visits per week over a period. If on occasion, you increase or decrease your visits in any given week, your rate remains unchanged.

Casual rate is $40/ day. Pay for any missed day booked

HST will be applied to above rates.                                                    Please Note: We do not offer day care on weekends.

Weekday Day Care hours:

  • drop-off: 7:30 to 9 AM

  • pick-up: 4:30 to 6 PM (Fridays before 5:30 PM)

Late pick ups: After 6 pm we charge $10 for each 15 min increment after 6:15. After 6:59 PM your dog cannot be picked up and our  boarded fee applies (pickup next day)

About our facility and activities: Our private, safe play zones are spacious enough (3 parks that are over 10,000 sq ft) for highly-spirited breeds like Australian Shepherds to expend their energy. From pups to elderly, all our guests receive exercise appropriate to their age and fitness level where they can; fetch a ball; chase a pal; bat our giant balls around; climb elevations; crawl a tunnel; hangout on our safe rock lookouts or just catch a nap under a shady tree. We always employ Always under the caring watch of our dog-smart trained attendants. There’s always fresh water, safe balls & toys near at paw. Indoors we have advance air and water filtration systems, radiant floor heat, A/C, clean, safe and comfortable rest areas. It’s a wholesome blend of activity that makes for happy, healthy, emotionally stable dogs.