Camp Canine Boarding Rates: (only for current clients).

Our rates are all inclusive for our highly attentive care, individual attention, (i.e. fetch, soccer…), snacks and – any time they want it – human affection. For several hours each day, our guests play outdoors as a group (small dogs separate from big dogs) supervised by our skilled attendants. Importantly our rates include our Canine Life Skills Training*.  You supply food (or buy dry or raw food from our store). Medication & body treatment are extra as per price schedule below. Please refer to our “Services” page for greater detail. HST will be applied to all services.

* Our Canine Life Skills Training program teaches our guests such disciplines how to greet other canines, how to read and respond to another dogs’ signals, with the ultimate objective being to develop canine social skills that includes highly appropriate play manners. Our Canine Life Skills Training also includes impulse control, on-leash behaviour, and the very important – instant recall the one that works in real life situations.  The skills learned here at our camp transfer into your personal life  –  this serving your dogs safety, health and happiness!

If your adult dog is highly disobedient, has anti-social behaviour with other canine or is highly-anxious then a group environment like our camp is possibly not an appropriate place for them until they have gentle support to work thru such issues.

Any previous guests returning  – after 12 months have lapsed  – may be required to be reassessed and are subject to 3 night minimum. These measures are in place so that we can rebuild our relationship with your dog and help them regain their confidence and comfort at Camp Canine.

Standard Adult Dog Boarding Rates (only morning check in allowed):

# of nights

1 dog

2 dogs

1 – 4 nights


$ 58.00




5 – 14 nights

$ 53.00

$ 95.00

15 – 28 nights

$ 48.00

$ 85.00

29+ nights

$ 43.00

   $ 75.00

Our overnight rate is based on 24 hrs (AM check out). For PM checkout a $25 daycare fee applies.

Our Holiday Rate applies to Dec 20 to Jan 5th, 9 days of March break, all statutory holiday weekends. We have a 5 night minimum Christmas and March break periods.

# of nights (Holiday Rate) 1 dog 2 dogs
multiple night discount does not apply for holidays $60.00 $110.00

Medication & Body Treatment Fees

Meds & Treatments Per Dose Rate
eye care $3
ear care $4
meds w/ food $2
complex meds $5
skin treatments $5

Surcharge (per night) fees

Saturday  Saturday night only is $70 flat
Puppy $10  Includes life skills puppy training, extra meals.
Extra Meal $3  more than 2 feedings per day

Boarding Cancellation Fines

less than 10 days notice $100/ dog
admin fee $40

HST will be applied to above rates

Existing Customers can book by sending us an email to campcanine1@gmail.com specify check in date (only morning check in allowed) and check out date (please specify AM or PM).

NEW VISITOR? we are currently not accepting new clients unless you have a referral . Please start by visiting our REQUIREMENTS page. All new guests must first pass our Behaviour Assessment. All New Guests for only their first stay are subject to: 

  • A five (5) night minimum 

  • Puppies pay $10 more than the Standard adult rate below.