Overnight Checklist

Essential Bring Alongs:

  • Food: please pack enough for the number of nights stay. For high energy dogs please supply extra to allow for increased hunger from a high level of exercise. Pack food in a plastic resealable tub if possible. We accommodate raw food and special diets.
  • Medication/ Vitamins: are to be marked with your pets’ name and dosage details.
  • A secure, proper fitting collar – preferably a Martindale
  • Any special-needs equipment or items.
  • Updated vaccination records

Optional Comforts:

  • We have hygienic sleep pads that we launder. If you prefer to bring your pets’ bedding then please line it with a garbage bag. Do not bring giant pillows.
  • Favourite snack or treat: We do provide natural snacks at no charge – with your permission.

What not to bring:

  • Toys: To help prevent possessive behaviour – please do not bring your dogs’ playthings. We will provide a multitude of safe toys.
  • Food bowls – we assign a stainless steel food bowl that’s cleaned after every meal for your pet’s feedings.
  • We have a variety of sizes of sleeping crates available for use if your dog is crate trained for sleeping.
Because your dog will be interacting with our family and other pets, we require your pet has their nails trimmed and their coat is not malodorous.