Behaviour Assessment & Tour

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please do not enter our property without a confirmed visit appointment.  All visits must be scheduled so that our guests social & playtime is not interrupted.

In order to ensure a fun and enjoyable time is had by all guests – we require that you and your dog attend one of our behaviour assessments prior to your first booking. The assessment allows us to determine if your dog’s temperament, behaviour and canine social play manner are compatible with a mixed canine group and our standards of social play. Please view our REQUIREMENTS PAGE. The assessment includes a tour and allows you to discover first hand the extent that we go to in order provide incredible care and how your dog benefits. Plus the fun-filled session helps us begin to build a connection with your dog so he/ she can adjust more readily when they do board or come for day care.

Assessments are no charge and are on the occasional Sunday with a start time of @1:30 pm and run approx 120 minutes. During this time we will introduce your dog to our canine guests and observe their play manner and behaviour. Please do not tire your dog out prior, as we need to see them at their highest energy level. They will receive a great deal of exercise here.  The start time minimizes disruption to our boarders fun and enjoyment. Once we receive your email with information requested we will offer up a few visit dates.

Please refer to our “Requirements” page and then  e-mail us at: with the following information: Your dogs name, age, breed (be very specific), neutered/ spayed, current vaccine certificate, last date boarded, how often socialized with canines off-leash, level of obedience, where your dog sleeps at night, the dates you plan for boarding, your city and mobile/ home number, how you learned about us.