Dog Boarding – Kennel Free

kennel-freeCamp Canine is a place for your dog to have their own vacation and a tail-wagging good time. Instead of penned up in a kennel, our social guests play together as a pack. Our high activity is essential to keep harmony among the pack. And our fully fenced private, groomed fields are where all of our canine campers safely exercise, play with compatible companions and interact with caring, highly-skilled calm and confident, dog-smart attendants.

After a full day of activity the group returns tired, content, calm. Feeding is done privately. Our bedtime ritual is around 9 PM, where we take our guests outback for a final bio-break, we dole out affection, encourage only passive activity – all to create a calming experience in order to help settle our guests down before we tuck them in for a good nights sleep.  We have a variety of sleep zones and bedding options for various preferences. In room audio-video monitors and our home being attached to our guest quarters allows us to ensure all guests are getting a sound nights sleep.

Learn more about The Pack Culture

We require a behaviour assessment prior to booking, to ensure your dog’s temperament and behaviour is compatible in a mixed canine group. Please view our REQUIREMENTS PAGE. The visit also allows you to discover first hand the extent we go to provide incredible care and how your dog benefits. Plus it helps establish with your dog that we can be trusted and that’s important to their adjusting more readily when they do board with us.

Our dog boarders travel from all over Southern Ontario to vacation at our camp! Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa, London, and many more.

More about Camp Canine:

We are highly skilled and seasoned dog handlers and we actively manage each dog and the pack dynamics to ensure a fun and safe time is had by all. During your dog’s stay, we use passive disciplines to help develop various life skills such as appropriate play manner with various breeds, solid recall, impulse control, general obedience and overall canine social skills.  Activity relevant to age and physical condition, intellectual stimulation, positive social interaction and healthy canine play. Our safe, clean and healthy environment offers separate feeding zones, advanced air & water filtration, quiet resting places, health monitoring, human attention and affection. Our residence is attached to our dog building. Camp Canine is place where dogs do what dogs love in order to have the time of their lives. And it is our wholehearted hope that each guest is, better for having been here.