The Pack Culture

packDogs are happiest and most content when their day is highly active with canine companions, among human care. And that is how dogs live while staying here at Camp Canine…  running, playing, fetching balls, socializing and resting together… as a pack.

This canine appropriate experience helps stabilize each dog’s emotional energy and mental state because their primary (and primitive) needs are being fully met.  Add to that our own calm, assertive supervision and therein lies the magic of the Camp Canine culture, where our guests are content, calm, happy and a true delight to have around. And content and physically exhausted dogs sleep soundly.

We invest the time up front to establish a proper relationship with each dog which pays dividends for the duration of their stay and return visits. As a result we notice guests typically settle in and quickly overcome any timidness and separation anxiety that they may have. We’ve had many clients mention that they recognize notable improvements in their pets’ health, weight, temperament. Many notice that after a stay at Camp Canine their pet is calmer, more responsive and behaves better socially. These results bring joy to me and reflect my commitment to return your pet to you – better, in some way – for having been here.

Annalore Boyd
Camp Canine, Head Councilor