About our Facility

State of the art function with all the warmth and comfort of home.


Our Location

Indoors and out our selection of materials are dog friendly while durable, safe and help prevent bacteria, mold growth and control pathogens. Our interior and exterior drainage and septic systems are designed to manage dog waste. And while everything is state of the art it holds all the warmth and comfort of a home:

  • Large, bright, open, clean indoor spaces.
  • Radiant floor heating.
  • Central air conditioning
  • Five stage Air Filtration system with HEPA and Ultra Violet light
  • Six stage Fresh Water Filtration System with Ultra Violet Light
  • Fully functional kitchen for sanitary food storage and meal prep. Fridge & freezer for fresh, raw food diets & medication
  • Luxurious 42 sq ft shower stall with grip floor tile – roomy enough for an adult Great Dane.
  • Full laundry facility for bedding, cushions and drying towels.
  • Artificial Turf bio-break yard with sanitation drains.
  • Three fun play parks for various weather and seasons, secured by a 6 ft chain link fence: 15,000 sq ft woodlands with mature tree shade. 13,000 sq ft artificial turf for mud-free fun and winter safe surface. 30,000 grass field for cool dry weather fun.
  • Wheel chair accessible and plenty of convenient parking.