Green Living

iStock_000002011700MediumGreen living is a way of life around here. We do our best to minimize our exposure to chemicals and reduce waste. And that means your camper enjoys those benefits when they stay at Camp Canine:

  • We sterilize our floors with a natural hydrogen peroxide based cleaner. We use biodegradable dish and laundry soaps,  vinegar and baking soda are used in substitute of heavy cleaners, we steam clean and power wash and use alternative cleaners – ultimately avoiding the use of harsh chemicals whenever possible.
  • Our facility has H.E.P.A. air filtration and U.V light systems to keep the air free of air-borne germs, dander and allergens.
  • Indoors and out our campers have all day access to fresh water thats filtered five ways .
  • we grow alfalfla and grasses with out pesticides.
  • We provide wholesome treats & snacks to our furry guests such as carrots, apples and occasionally home baked biscuits.
  • We use natural field care methods such as aeration and deep watering, and never use pesticides on our lawns or in our field whatsoever.
  • In Winter we use Eco-Traction for grip on icy surfaces and Snow Melt where the dogs walk – which are both friendlier than salt on tender paws.

Any suggestions or resources you may have are always welcome.