Cage Free Dog Care

A tired dog is a happy, content and easy going companion.

cage-freeWe see canines as socially innate, active and intelligent creatures who live in the moment. A good way to see them is as raw energy. So how we manage our own energy and how we direct our dogs energy can  make all the difference to their health and happiness. Accordingly a dog must have social time with other canines, hours of outdoor exercise as well as intellectual stimulation and calm, gentle human guidance – on a daily basis – in order to be happy, healthy and emotionally & mentally balanced. For the majority of family pets, our kennel-free environment offers a wonderful dog-friendly boarding and day care alternative. It’s an open play group environment, where dogs of various breeds and ages can enjoy one another’s companionship throughout the day indoors and out (small breed and timid dogs play as a separate group). Our highly skilled and calm methods of managing the pack ensure a fun time is had by all guests: young, old, fast, slow, active and passive dogs.  Our active field supervision helps each guest  develop respectful play style and social manners and become more responsive in their listening skills. Here at Camp Canine we enjoy a full day of activities, positive social interaction. And so at the end of all the fun and exercise our happy, tired, content campers are ready to settle down for a quiet nights rest.

About our minimums for First-Time stay guests: In order to operate a social dog camp where all of our guests play safely and are happy is  highly complicated to achieve. It requires that we teach all of our canine guests canine social skills so that all dog guests enjoy appropriate play. For this to happen we need them to respond to our supervision and calls (such as leave it, off, gentle, etc…). For your dog to respond to us we need to earn their respect by building a working relationship. Relationship building and trust takes time, which is why we need them to stay for 5 nights or more or to attend day care at least once per week. Our requirements have proven very worthwhile in serving the well being and happiness of all our guests. And that makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone – including us caregivers. And that keeps our passion high so that we enjoy interacting with our guests and helping each and everyone of them become… better for having been here. 

  • Feeding: Each guest is given a decent amount of time to consume their meals, alone and in a quiet space. We do sit with our guests, even hand feed some in order to encourage appetite. We can add your favourite supplements. Our delicious toppings make any meal special.
  • Naps and Quiet Time: We come indoors to our climate controlled building between big park playtime sessions. We turn down the lights, play soft music and sit quietly among the pack. When indoors, our separate rooms provide refuge for small, timid and elderly dogs from the boisterous activity of the young and high spirited breeds. Our guests are always supervised (24 hrs a day).
  • Overnight Guests: Its important after a full day of exercise that all get a good nights sleep. And that is why one of us always sleeps in the building where we can hear and respond immediately to any guest needs. In the sleep department we try to duplicate your bedtime arrangement and ritual. You are welcome to bring your own bedding, however we offer a variety of bedding: Kuranda elevated beds, jumbo plush cushions, blankets and such. Plus for any crate trained dogs we have an assortment of crate sizes and comfy bedding including covers. So whether its a blanket placed over them, adorn pajamas, enjoying a bedtime snack… the more familiar the experience the more content they will be.
  • Attentive Supervision: We pay attention to the pack energy and look to encourage positive interaction amongst the group. We passively correct non-social behaviour to keep harmony. Even timid and socially deprived dogs under our gentle guidance and amongst a stable pack reconnect with their canine instincts and find the confidence to join in on all the dog fun. Many of our clients have commented on the many benefits their dog receives from attending both our day camp and boarding. Please refer to the “Dog Day Care” page for a list of some of the many benefits that stems from our care. Many customers have emailed us to thank us for the pleasure of picking up a calm, tired dog that doesn’t need a walk after they’ve returned from a long trip.

Its a tail-wagging vacation for your pet. Vacations, family gatherings, house renovations, day trips Consider Camp Canine as a safe fun place for your dog to free up your plans. To learn even more about our philosophy, please refer to our “The Pack Culture” page.